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    Corinth tourism officials want to spark interest in building a boutique hotel downtown, and the Mississippi State University Carl Small Town Center is doing the groundwork.
    The Citizen’s Institute for Rural Design (CIRD) workshop in Houston, Miss., which was hosted by the CSTC from February 22-24, was featured on WCBI. Click on the link to see the video!
    CSTC was featured in a newsletter published by the National Endowment for the Arts.
    Four panelists have been selected from across the country to serve as resource team experts for the upcoming Citizen’s Institute for Rural Design workshop in Houston, Miss., from February 22-24. The free workshop, open to the Houston community, will kick off with an event in the afternoon on Sun., Feb. 22, at the Tanglefoot Trailhead in Houston. The remainder of the workshop will take place at the Houston Civic Center.
    The CSTC is joining with Projects for Public Spaces to help Houston, MS. They will conduct a February workshop to plan the trailhead area of the Tanglefoot Trail. The goal of the outcome-oriented workshop is to create a vision for a great community recreational space, as well as ways to strengthen the connection to downtown Houston and the Natchez Trace.


The Carl Small Town Center is a non-profit organization within the College of Architecture Art & Design at Mississippi State University. Established in 1979, the CSTC responds to its geographical position within a rural landscape and to the school's focus on the American small town.